Track of the Week: The Courteeners – Take Over the World


First off, I wasn’t one of those girls who imagine their weddings when they’re barely hitting puberty. When I was a kid, a wedding is just an excuse to wear a cute flower girl gown, score a bouquet and leche flan. But when I got older, a wedding turned into a quick slap on my cheek, a finger snapping in front of my face, and an appetizer to the main dish called separation anxiety.

Anyway, I have another friend who’s starting to plan her own wedding. She’s thinking about her color motif and her wedding gown, but hasn’t said a word about music. Now I think music is very very very important in a wedding. It’s actually one of the first things I’m thinking of now that I’m starting to think about weddings, too. Forget about color motifs and menu, I’d like to think of the song I’ll dance to, or the song that would be playing while I walk on the aisle.

Now, this doesn’t sound Carpenters-ish or anything cheesy. In fact, when you hear it, you wouldn’t probably think of the word wedding right away. But I don’t know, it’s the first thing I thought of when I first heard the song. I still remember when I first heard this, I was writing an article and I was tuned in to iTunes radio’s MusicPlus. And then this song.

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