Of being twenty and three

Three weeks ago, I turned 23. 
The day started with my housemates greeting me a happy birthday, one by one, as they awake from slumber, while I get dressed for work. I went to work and found my colleague asking me a weird question, which was just his cue to sing me dan-dalandan-dan-dan, happy birthday to you! Quite corny, yeah, but funny now that I think about it.
Soon as I logged in at Skype, there were numerous messages pending, coming from my MOA and Eastwood officemates, also my Australian colleagues (and even my boss!). It was a good start of my day, and as the day progressed, more people texted, posted on my Facebook wall, tweeted, etc.

Also, Maan’s message:
Danica (7:16 AM, April 18): Happy birthday, ivy dawn! sana mapanood mo ng live ang mumford and sons(nga ba?) salamat sa buong album ng ra ra riot! Adik na ko sa too dramatic.haha.
Edz (6:56 PM, April 18): Happy birthday to one of the prettiest and kindest lady I know. 🙂 I miss and love you bebe gurl. I hope to see you soon. :-*
these are text messages. i can’t make screencap work on my phone. gah
When office day ended, my housemates and I decided to go get some pizza – my go-to comfort food. We ended up having a feast while a man played guitar and sung Howie Day’s Collide. It was a nice end to my day.

What’s that song? It’s Fanfarlo’s “Harold T. Wilkins or How To Wait for a Very Long Time”
Nothing really overtly special happened that day, but there are a few things that I realized at the time: one, I like my job that much that I didn’t mind working on what most would consider as a personal holiday (also, maybe, this means maturity of some sort? haha); two, my father greeted me on the right day (yay, Papa! Points for you!) and; three, I have quite kept a good set of people around me.
For all I care, every one that mattered to me, every one that I wanted to remember me (well, except for my sister, cause she greeted me the day after, honestly mistaking the 19thfor the 18th – we ended up laughing about it anyway, must come with the pregnancy) that day, did. And I guess that’s the only thing I wished to happen that day.
This is why I think that this was my best birthday to date. So for everyone who greeted and said/made all those nice things for me, really, thank you.

Strangely, turning 23 has turned me (or my brain) into a mini-energizer bunny. I have plans, and even goals now, that I plan to complete and not wave off like what I used to do the past few years. So — here it is, a list of the 23 Things I Will Do While I’m 23. Some are petty, some aren’t, but either way, I’ll cross each one of these off, hopefully, before another April comes.
Twenty-three Things to Do at Twenty-Three
Start livingalone. ok, not alone, but new place!
Start contributing to magazines/blogs again.
Buy a guitar.
Start learning to play the guitar.
Take your keyboards to your new place.
Start re-learning to play the keyboards.
Hear yourself sing again.
Buy a DSLR with video.
Start your project: film budding musicians perform.
Ask Maan, Ninky, and Miguel to help you with this project – and anyone who wants help.
Get a hair makeover. You know it’s time for one.
Stop buying too much wedges (but what is too much?). Time for pumps, love.
Rediscover your fashion style. Something is happening and you know it’s changing.
Attend concerts.
Start watching local artists perform on local bars again. The OPM scene is about to boom again.
Don’t stop writing; you’ll finish one, soon.
Go out on weekends.
Ok, this doesn’t count as weekend, cause this was Monday night, but go out, leave your lair, is what I’m saying. 
Take your mom grocery shopping at least once a month.
This is a monthly thing, so, it will take a while before this gets crossed off.
For the love of God, date.
Maintain connection with your friends and;
Don’t hesitate to make new ones. 
Ooh, I’m excited to cross off more.

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