This is more than just Live: Lifehouse Live in Manila

Sometime around July 2005, I was getting ready for a freshman acquaintance party of some sorts by a fraternity. I know, I can’t believe I’m telling this story again – and neither am I going to be very good at it. I don’t remember a lot of the details; I wasn’t sure what day that was and the time it started, but I have a feeling that this will not be the last time that I talk of this night.

Seven years has passed since that day, and as I sit here in front of the oblation, no longer a student and (quite) older than everyone else passing by me, I realize that this is the perfect opportunity for me to tell this story, one more time.

I was only sixteen then and was out with a classmate from my Philosophy class. We headed to Baker Hall and scoured the area. Soon enough, there were bands playing on the stage. One of those was Six Cycle Mind. I wasn’t really a fan of the band, but when they did a cover of Lifehouse’s “You and Me”, I basically freaked and spilled coffee on my date’s hand. It was my favorite of the week or month (and now a favorite for forever).

In the midst of that song, I met someone. I was clueless then of how important that night would be. Really, if I knew better, I would have paid better attention, at least notice the color of his shirt (I think it was yellow), or remember the first words he told me (It’s probably just “Hi”.) All I remember was that he strutted with another girl, making their way through the otherwise preoccupied crowd, and stopped when he saw who I was with. We were shortly introduced, said hi and that was it. It took a while before we met or spoke (again, I couldn’t remember much), but one boring day during a sembreak, he sent me a joke that completely turned my day. It was a moment, I realized – otherwise, I wouldn’t remember the instance. I sat there in my room, staring at his message with a grin on my face, ignoring the other boy that I was talking to, thinking, hey, this boy is funny.

A few days ago, I sat at Smart Araneta Coliseum while Lifehouse – yes, Jason Wade & Co in real life – performed for the second time in Manila. I missed the first one as I was a student then, and haven’t realized the freedom of going wherever I want whenever I want. Queued at the top part of the set list was “You and Me”, squeezed in between quite unfamiliar singles. It was surreal, yes, and the good thing is that this time, I wasn’t settling for some artist to do an okay cover – it was really Jason freaking Wade on the vocals (and guitars).

It was surreal but quite a sight to see.

Yes, people got to touch him. Lucky Lower Box ticket holders.

What’s better is that instead of watching Jason Wade with someone random, I was sitting right next to the person I met for the first time while “You and Me” was playing, after not seeing each other in almost three years. Poetic, as my friend would put it. The only sensible thing, I’d like to think.

So pardon me if this post is only semi-live, cause as much as Lifehouse was amazing (and I mean it, cause I think a part of me melted when Jason sang a tidbit of Blind and Hanging By A Moment was a crowd favorite and therefore epic and Take Me Away is a new favorite and Everything was goosebumps-inducing), Roy was, and always will be, more.

Photos by the ever so awesome Maan (my also concert buddy who was sitting not so far away from us).
Post drafted during an alma mater visit.

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