February Picks


Image courtesy of creaturecomfortsblog.com

It’s March! This year’s going by pretty quickly. Here’s my top 10 Artists for this month:

1 Ellie Goulding

We can all blame Fifty Shades of Grey’s soundtrack for this one. “Love Me Like You Do” is sooo catchy.

2 José González

So Vestiges & Claws just came out and it’s amazing. First listen favorite, “Open Book” and “What Will”. But overall, a solid album.

3 Mikky Ekko

Time has some pop tracks that could do very well, notably “Watch Me Rise” (I feel like this should be on some super hero sound track), “Burning Doves” and “Pressure Pills.”

4 Purity Ring

Also a new album released this month, another enternity is seriously perfect. Pretty sure it’ll be on my Top 5 Fave albums this year. Just. So. Lovely.

5 Ed Sheeran

In preparation for my Ed Sheeran concert this March 16 I gave X another spin. Also, I discovered his track “Everything You Are” from his Don’t EP and it’s like a hot frying pan and I’m plain butter.

6 Korby Lenker

Korby Lenker already has 6 albums under his belt but this is the first time for me to ever hear anything from him. His latest self-titled album has catchy tunes like “Here We Go Again” and “Got To Be More.”

7 Phox

I missed out on Phox last year, but their album is also quite a treasure. Monica Martin’s voice is the cherry on top. So soothing, so beautiful, so sexy.

8 Yuna

I rekindled my romance with Yuna, her track “Decorate” is still my favorite but her recent album is fun, light, and happy. Perfect to rub off some good vibes.

9 Passion Pit

Also releasing an album today is Passion Pit (readying balloons for celebration). They released a track “Lifted Up 1985” and uploaded a gorgeous photo of Michael Angelakos also partnered with Madeon for the track, “Pay No Mind.” Also fun and catchy!

10 B. P. Valenzuela

B.P. is a local artist and I discovered her through a writing project that I’m currently doing. She’s only released one E.P. and this single, “Pretty Car” and I can’t wait to keep hearing more of her music.


Låpsley – Falling Short

A British electro musician, Lapsley has a very London Grammar-esque type of vocal. I enjoy listening to her during the night.

Young Fathers – LOW

These guys won the Mercury prize last year, but I haven’t listened to their album enough then. They’re definitely quite different (although this track in particular reminds me of Michael Jackson) and I always feel like I should be in a certain mood to listen to them.

Rizza Cabrera – Better If We Hold Hands

Another local act that I’ve discovered through my writing project, Rizza’s vocals a re magical and she released an album called Sleeping Through the Static.

Saint Raymond – Fall at Your Feet

British singer-songwriter Saint Raymond is liek a shoo in for me, and I discovered him through the movie, This Is Were I Leave You.

And that’s it!

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