March Faves


Hello! It’s time for my March favorites.

1 The Staves

Their sophomore album, If I Was, is produced by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon so Imagine just how good it is. (Well, you don’t even have to imagine. You can just have a listen.)

2 Laura Marling

Girl crush is back with a new album! I haven’t fully listened to it (I think my number of scrobbles was based on her older albums…I Speak Because I Can is still an all time favorite), but I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a fave track in it soon.

3 Ed Sheeran

Saw Ed Sheeran live last month. Woop woop. He was great!

4 Purity Ring

Again, if you haven’t listened to another eternity, get to it now! It’s amazing.

5 Kodaline

Kodaline also came up with a new album. This track is a standout.

6 Milo Greene

I finally gave the new Milo Greene a serious listen. White Lies isn’t so bad. I still listen to their new album though – long drives, for example. I had that much time crossing from Singapore to Malaysia.

7 Death Cab for Cutie

New album without Chris Walla, but I really really like “No Room in Frame.”

8 Bear’s Den

I love these boys so much now. If you also happen to see their covers of pop songs like Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me”, you’d love them even more.

9 Tobias Jesso Jr.

I find Tobias Jesso, Jr. to be an intriguing personality. His debut album is also quite stirring.

10 Lily & Madeleine

Sister folk duo doing some nice harmonies. I like.


Kendrick Lamar


Rae Morris

Reminds me of the time I learned about Ellie Goulding before she was Ellie-Gouling-included-in-every-movie-soundtrack-type.

Marika Hackman

Marika Hackman’s been getting support from a couple of artists so I finally got ~in the mood to listen to her album. It’s like a darker, more alt version of Lucy Rose.

Mumford & Sons


Johnny Flynn

I love Johnny Flynn since discovering his music 5-4 years ago, it’s why I was so excited about the movie Song One. The songs in the movie are written by Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice, but it has that distinct Johnny Flair. I love it.


One Direction

 I saw them live because #YOLO! Also it’s fun to see a fandom while it’s still there. I didn’t get to see boybands when I was still boyband-crazy – so I did this for that. Also because Liam Payne is cute. And Louis Tomlinson. And Zayn Malik. And Niall Horan’s voice, come on. And this song! (Ok, all the reasons.)

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