May Favorites


I’ve had quite a month and these were my accompanying tunes!

1 Mumford & Sons

Since Wilder Mind came out, of course I lapped it all up. Mumford and Sons may have retired the banjo, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve lost their magic. “Just Smoke” is my first listen favorite (but there are no videos out there). “Tompkins Square park” opens up this album nicely.

2 Of Monsters and Men

Also on the lookout for their next album, Beneath the Skin (scheduled for release this month woo!), Of Monsters and Men have already released two very interesting tracks, “Crystals” and “I of the Storm”.

3 alt-J

Alt-J came to Manila this week – not a part of the crowd (but that’s ok! saw them on laneway before anyway) but that didn’t stop me from giving their records a spin.

4 Liza Anne

A singer-songwriter from Nashville, Liza Anne is another voice in the indie folk scene. Heartfelt songs, good lyrics.

5 Tobias Jesso Jr.

I sound like a broken record here, but come on! Give this dude a chance.

6 Oh Wonder

Lovelove Oh Wonder! A fairly new band (just formed last year) consisting of Anthony and Josephine, the London duo release emotive electro pop songs that are quite The XX-ish, but are more cutesy…if you get that drift.

7 Passion Pit

 Kindred is such a feel good album! Lots of good tracks in it.

8 Ben Howard

 As I love Every Kingdom in its entirety, I decided to revisit Ben Howard’s current release, I Forgot Where We Were. It’s a little darker than his debut – and it’s possibly why I preferred Every Kingdom better, but this track still has Howard’s heart wrenching and thoughtful lyrics: Hello love, for you I have so many words but I forget where we were. 

9 Madeon

 Granted that I listened to Madeon because of Passion Pit, the rest of the tracks in his album Adventure is pretty cool too. It includes Foster the People‘s Mark Foster, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, and  Bastille‘s Dan Smith. Awesome collabs!

10 Lower Dens

Quite late to the Lower Dens party, this track is included in their album Twin Hand Movement released in 2010. Could’ve sworn I heard this before (de ja vu feels) but glad I found the rest of their discography.



Isobel Anderson

A Laura Marling kind of artist. I’m always down for that.


I’ve listened to Seafret for a couple of months now (and forgot to blog about them? Bad blogger!) Great acoustic duo from the UK.

Charlie Siem

This guy, I’ve discovered from my writing research but it’s quite a pleasure. For obvious aesthetic and auditory reasons.

Tor Miller

Possible pop star out there. Just saying.

And that’s it! Excited for June artists!

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