August Picks!


Hallo! Here’s my favorite artists and tunes for the month of August:

1 Villagers

I’ve never fully quite gotten on the Villagers bandwagon – I knew he was there, he was part of those folksy dudes from Britain (but apparently he’s Irish and that’s a whole new world or is it? Niall?) so he should be a shoo-in for me. Despite his Mercury Prize nomination, his work just didn’t work for me then but with this new album, Darling Arithmetic, it finally sucked me in. With nine tracks of romantic, personal and acoustic tracks, I am so on the Villagers bandwagon, I can’t even. Also, I’ve changed my mind about “Nothing Arrived” so I’m pretty sure Villagers and I will have some sort of frienaissance (friendship renaissance) except we’re not friends. A Fanaissance? (no, that doesn’t work)

2 Hannah+Gabi

GUYS! A LOCAL BAND ON MY TOP TEN! This didn’t happen for the longest time (coughs Up Dharma Down where r u)!  Hannah + Gabi is Ciudad member, Mikey Amistoso’s solo side project. I have a copy of HahaYes, the band’s first album (includes the song above), but Years Gone made a huge leap in the band’s sound and identity. Love this album to bits and I hate that I can’t embed it (WHYYYY but here’s the link). Reminds me a bit of Tahiti 80 feels, but this is Pinoy. This is excellent.

3 Christopher Owens

Frontman of the band Girls, Christopher Owens went solo and started off with his first album, Lysandre. I gave that a few listen but it wasn’t as memorable (and critics didn’t seem to like it either). His latest album Chrissybaby Forever, as much as it sounds like a quirky movie title, is just that: quirky, light, romantic pop – and frankly delivers what we’ve been waiting for from Owens.

4 Holden

Pretty sure I already mentioned these guys a few months back but this indie pop French band really have some awesome tunes! And the good news is, they have been playing since the 90s so you can have enough of their sound to ravish. 2012’s Fantotisme is so far my favorite.

5 The Weeknd

Abel, Abel, Abel, how you’ve grown since I first saw you on the Coachella stage (virtually) back in 2011. I like everything you do.

6 Temples

The decision to give Temples another listen is due to frontman James Bagshaw’s black and white photo posted by NME. That’s really all there is to it. Oh, and also. They sound like the 60s-70s. Groovy, yes.

7  Night Beds

Night Beds wooo! I love this guy. I don’t know what his deal with streaming is (he’s not available on Spotify or Deezer – he was before – but he’s available on Apple Music) but I really want more people to listen to him. He’s amazing.

8 Jenny Lewis

Late to join The Voyager bandwagon but “She’s Not Me” is the hook and I am all over it now.

9 Phoebe Ryan

This girl, I like so much. She only has an EP out so far, but “Mine” is my jam.

10 Sophia Black

Same as Phoebe Ryan, Sophia Black has one EP out, but “Vibration” is cool and I can’t wait for her to dish out more tracks.

other noteworthy tracks

Brika – Expectations

Tin Sparrow – everything!

I love this band! They’re like The Paper Kites before they turned electro.

Shake Shake Go – England Skies

ZEDD – Find You

I mostly ignore releases from EDM boys but I heard the acoustic version of this song and I’m obsessed with it. Lesson of the day: don’t ignore EDM boys, okay.


Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac is actually my most played artist this month. We have this Tumblr post to blame.

Nouvelle Vague – Manner of Speaking

*insert sighs* So beautiful.

AND THAT IS ALL THANK YOU! as usual, you can stalk my random 2015 oooh i like this song playlist.

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