Here’s September!

Hallo, matey! September’s over and now it’s time to dissect my monthly music binge listening! This month I’ve come back to my roots and reunited with my folksy tunes (must be the weather)!


1 Ellie Goulding 

Girl crush Ellie released a new song “On My Mind” from her upcoming album, Delirium. I don’t know about you but my spider senses are telling me that this is in response to Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t” – which people are saying is about Ellie. (It’s a vicious circle mehe)

2 Dustin Tebbutt

I have folk-biased ears so of course Dustin Tebbutt’s album, Home, is like an early Christmas gift. It’s soft, delicate and just breathtakingly beautiful.

3 Maroon 5

See, I was supposed to see Maroon 5 when they came here for their nth concert. But here is a startling realization: I no longer care about Maroon 5 like used to. I mean, of course “She Will Be Loved” and “Just A Feeling” and “Won’t Go Home Without You” and some of those other songs that I can’t remember now but maybe held dear will always have a space in my heart (or brains) – but man, this is just like when you grow out of something. I’m sorry, guys. You are still great, it’s not you, it’s me.

4 Purple Ferdinand

Again, my folk ears are making a comeback after divulging into some electro pop (and ok plain pop). Purple Ferdinand is a beautiful folk/soul musician from London. Her lyrics are vulnerable and very much relatable.

5 Mumford & Sons

How many years has it been, I mean really. But some days, you need the boys, you need Sigh No More. Plus I will not get tired of that ^ video.

6 Helen Austin

Another acoustic singer, Helen Austin creates dreamy folk pop songs that are quite cutesy – perfect for those indie films ala Juno.

7 Andreas Moe

Andreas Moe is a Swedish musician (and he’s about my age, HA!) who plays the guitar and sports a man bun occasionally (sometimes a super cool haircut too) and ok, seriously, he’s got really good songs. His face + hair is a plus.


Chvrches has a new album woooo! I haven’t finished listening to the whole of it yet, but the first tracks are strong.

9 Beirut 

Also back to give me a heart attack, Beirut baby! I love these guys so much and their new album is precious. ‘August Holland’ is one of my new favorites.

10 Jack Garratt

Okay, I know I mentioned Jack Garrat previously but that was before he released ‘Weathered’ and BOY OH BOY DO I LOVE THIS SONG OR WHAT (I love this song (non-acoustic version, equally beautiful, here).) Also, I now have this urge to tackle Jack and ask him why he wrote this song and why is he trying to hurt and please me at the same time (that sounds like something else haha)


Little Comets 

Because Life is Elsewhere is still relevant and “A Little Opus” still lights me up.


If you missed Isbells, stop what you’re doing right now and listen to this Belgian band. Beautiful music.

Kings of Convenience 

Where’s Kings of Convenience? (well, Erlend did a solo thing but it’s not the same!) I’m waiting for you, guys.


Justin Bieber 

Seriously the Biebs is making a major comeback with “What Do You Mean” despite of the d-baggery he’s gotten into the past few years. This one is JUST WORKING (and the vulnerability thing with the Selena-related confessions plus the roast helped) and maybe I am slightly looking over at the Bieberwagon but not completely jumping on it yet. I’m a careful bandwagon jumper haha

Little Mix

I spent a lot of time not listening to Little Mix just cause I feel like I’m not that age anymore (but I listen to One Direction? Not making sense, Dawn) but ‘Black Magic’ is  a sneaky little happy fun song (and music video) and I can’t help it if I like Perrie now ok. (basically, i almost always like girls whose hearts got broken by boys doing stupid things hehehe sorry Z)


Mighty Oaks

Because I told you, folk is really whispering in my ear right now.

Jr. Jr.

Ok, technically, Jr. Jr. is not a new band, they just renamed themselves from Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Jr. – the sound isn’t far off either, but ok, they are rebranding, I guess.
Colony House

Colony House is an American indie rock trio. I’m interested to see how far they’ll go.


Because Meadowlark.

Cloud Cult

Cloud Cult is barely a new band, but they’re new to my ears and they’re kooky and fun to listen to.

The 1975 – My boys are coming back next week (October 9, hint hint wink wink)! Expect them next month.

Also Hippo Campus just released a new EP and The Halocline and South are already such a hit. Can’t wait to binge listen to the others ❤

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