Spotlight: Majical Cloudz (And sort of a comeback!)



First of all, I just want to say: I’M ALIVE! (I’ve always been, I’ve just spent much of my existence in other platforms *coughs Twitter*)

I thought I’d write a quick post here about a new favorite – Majical Cloudz! It’s not the first time I’ve ~heard of this band – and when I say heard, I meant I read the name a couple of times, might have listened to a song where they were featured but never minded it – but yesterday, I chanced upon the track “So Blue” from the 2015 record, Are You Alone?

This led me to (finally!) click on the band’s name and discover its discography. And man alive, was I pleased!

As usual, I googled the band, only to find out that they have broken up two months ago.

That is just my fate, much like when I discovered Snakadaktal, and when I found out a little a bit too late that Nick Drake has been dead for ~~years (I still weep).

But I’m not wasting any more time – I plan on devouring Majical Cloudz’s tunes and bless them for producing 2 LPs and 2 EPs. Thank you, Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto, from your very late fan.

That’s it! See you on the other side. xx

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