Project Mix Tape: Here Comes that Funny Feeling They Call Love

Project Mix Tape #2 – at last!
It took me a while to make this one, friends — but here it is, brand spanking new mix tape for you, yes, you who’s recently found a reason to grin from ear to ear. You, lucky you, who’s found someone to gush about and think about from the moment you wake up til you fall asleep. You, who seem to smile for no reason at all. You, who sees the world wonderfully because love has come at last.
Who’s In That Playlist?
Jinja Safari
Sydney, NSW, AU
Magenta Skycode
Turku, FI
The Apache Relay
Nashville, TN, USA
Little Red
Melbourne, VIC, AU

Foster the People
Los Angeles, CA, USA
The Kooks
The Drums
Brooklyn, NY, USA

2 Replies to “Project Mix Tape: Here Comes that Funny Feeling They Call Love”

  1. Awww… just for me… you shouldn't have. 😛 hehe Anyway, I do like this mix. GREAT job! Magenta Skycode, The Drums are in my rotation of songs. Oh yeah.. Little Red b/c you wrote about them. I will have to check out The Apache Relay…

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