The Paper Kites – Woodland EP

I’ve always had a soft spot for folk: the sweet vocal harmonies and the heart wrenching/breaking, sigh enducing lyrics — so it seems like a no brainer for me to go out and lobby for Melbourne-based folk act, The Paper Kites.

The band released their EP Woodland, which is composed of six lovely tracks — all soft, sweet, melodic tunes with  lyrics that pinch your insides like “And my love is yours but your love’s not mine (Featherstone)and “You fill my head with pieces of a song I can’t get out (Bloom)“. No worries, not every track in the EP’s bound to make you lie around the floor weeping, there’s a livelier track in Woodland, a fresh and youthful piece that makes you want to run out barefoot in a field while Willow Tree March oozes with percussion and attitude.

It would seem silly for me to recommend a favorite track, as I’ve become endeared to each one. So click on each title below and I beg you, listen.

For an avid fan, this seems short and barely enough, but it coaxes you to ask for more ala Oliver Twist and his bowl of porridge. Can I have some more, please?

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