Singapore-bound: Johnoy Danao

Armed with his acoustic guitar and distinctively captivating voice, Filipino singer/songwriter Johnoy Danao has been making people sigh with awe with his performances. After a successful show in Singapore last year, he, along with the good guys of Requiem Rising, decided that it’s time to bring yet another night of spellbinding music to the Lion City. With a loyal group of fans based in the little island state, we caught up with the crooner before he sets off to his musical journey.

23971_113466055341207_6270368_nHi Johnoy! As it’s your second time to perform in Singapore, is there anything you’re looking forward to come back to?

Hello guys! The first one was successful enough that Requiem Rising decided to do it again ahead of time – we were [supposed to be] planning a February show next year. Of course, I’m looking forward to performing again for my screaming fans in Singapore, haha! And tour the city a little bit more than the last time that I was there.


As a former member of a band how do you think has your direction changed from being a member of a group to being a solo act?

I think Bridge (his former band) helped me a lot in developing my songwriting. Playing with a band could be really tough at times since you have to be on the same page musically, all the time. Going solo was really going back to what my heart really wanted. I grew up listening to James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel and the likes so this is what I envisioned myself doing when I first picked up an acoustic guitar – sing my heart out.


A lot of the Filipinos in Singapore are there to find greener pastures or better opportunities. Have you ever thought about packing your bags and living in a different country at least once in your life?

Nope. With the industry I’m in, I think staying put is best for me since I write songs that reflects what I am as an individual and as a Filipino.


How’s the crowd like in Singapore? Is it any different from your fans in Manila?

I guess since they don’t see me in Singapore that often, I’ll give the Singaporean crowd enthusiasm points. But they both are very warm and avid listeners to my music.


Have you listened to or performed with any Singaporean bands when you visit? Any of them you’ve grown to be a fan of?

Unfortunately, I have not listened or performed with a Singaporean act yet. I have more time now so maybe Monx (of Requiem Rising) can take me to some of the bars and check out some artists.


Lastly, if we look in to your music library, what would we find?

James Taylor, Dave Matthews, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Eraserheads, Gary Granada, Itchyworms, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Sting, Carole King to name a few. I think you’ll have an idea with those names I mentioned.


* Post originally published in Music Weekly Asia

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