January Gems


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I decided it’s time to wrap up my favorite artists/tracks per month. It’s easier to catch up than do it quarterly, right? According to my trusty last.fm scrobble (but I doubt trusty cause I have offline obsessions as well), my Top 10 artist for the last 30 days are:

1 The 1975

I can explain: I saw them live this month. So you understand concert pre and post hangovers, right? Plus take a look at this really cool light show during “Heart Out“!

2 Frank Sinatra

I love Frank, but I don’t know why it took me long to realize that he could totally sing me to sleep. Also, I have a thing for this song. I mean, just the title. And then the lyrics OHMYGOD the lyrics. I love Chet Baker’s version, but Frank’s is nice too.

3 John Mayer

Sometimes I just miss John Mayer pre-dating everyone else on the tabloids. I meant Room for Squares, Heavier Things…so I binged on that. Also “Not Myself” is my ultimate Mayer song and “In Your Atmosphere”? So much feels.

4 Taylor Swift

Cause I’ve got a blank space and she pretty much wrote her name.

5 Purity Ring

YAS new album come to me please!

6 Wolf Alice

Recent track of the week!

7 Simon & Garfunkel

I was writing a story in which they mention “Homeward Bound”, my first ever Simon & Garfunkel fave song before I realized oh these are the guys who sang The Sound of Silence! PS I didn’t like “The Sound of Silence” as a kid as it’s very eerie but I totally got it after watching The Graduate years later.

8 Bleachers

Strange Desire is brilliant, just putting it out there. I love it.

9 Death Cab for Cutie

There’s a new song out called “Black Sun” minus one DCFC member, but also, who gets tired of Transatlanticism? Not me.

10 Haerts

I just listened to the new album and it’s pretty fun! I first noticed Haerts for their track “All the Days” but now I have my eyes (ears?) on “Giving Up” and “Hemiplegia.” Also, googling that word.

Next month’s prediction:

Mikky Ekko released his debut album Time  and it is gorgeous. I expect to have him on next month’s list.

Little Discoveries Worth Mentioning:

Leo Stannard – Please Don’t

Up and coming. Very promising.

PHOX – Slow Motion

Really sexy tune. Enjoying this band and I’m currently trying their other tracks. But this one’s really strong.

The Coronas – Someone Else’s Hands

HOW DO I NOT KNOW THESE GUYS UNTIL THIS DAY, I don’t even. It’s Snow Patrol-esque music and that works for me.

Magic Man – Catherine

Happy, catchy, youthful song that we all need on such days.

You can also follow my 2015 playlist on Spotify for random stuff I listened to and liked (and can’t wait for next month’s post):

And that’s it! Happy listening! 🙂

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