So this is something that I’m trying…

Okay, so I think it took me more than a year to fully get my head on straight that I am currently doing something else in my life*.

*Doing something else = writing books. Strike that, publishing these said books.

This is funny, but I realized while I was having a chat with fellow author Jay E. Tria, that when I published my first book, The Boyfriend Backtrack, I didn’t think about the whole being-an-author thing. I didn’t think about getting a pseudonym and all the other things this would entail, I just sort of wanted to get the book out, have people read it, and if they liked it, yay! And then that’s that.

Seriously, that was all I had in mind when I finished the book and clicked ‘publish’. I wanted to be read. That was my main goal for that book. I know, I know. Kind of rash. A little stupid. But hey, it was just one of those things, one of those I just want to see what that would be like whims.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted to be published. I just didn’t ~really think it would happen-happen, but then again, IT DID HAPPEN (!!!), and then that’s when I started thinking: oh wait a minute, what about the other bits of my life aka my job, the other jobs i’ll be applying for when/ if i needed to do just that?

I talked to my friend Ilia about it, and she just replied with: what’s so bad about them finding out you got published?

Which is a great point.

So anyway, I went back and forth for the last year or so with this, cause honestly, I still feel like I have “other lives” because of this: I have my other work life, this life, and then there’s just my life. I can’t put them all together just yet, so I can live one straight life and feel like myself in all aspects, but I’ll get there.

ANYWAY, after that long intro, since I am ~fully on board with me being an author (and not that I have a choice – I like writing and I don’t think I’ll stop birthing books yet so you’re just gonna have to suck it up, other lives), I decided to change this blog into my website (I got a URL now, woo!), and decided to do this monthly thing:


I’m doing this because a) this is still my goal as it has always been from the very start: I wanted to be read; b) I do realize how important reviews are. I’m a review reader! I’m a Goodreads nut! and c) I wanted to keep spreading the love by offering a #romanceclass book gift.

Overall, I think it’s a win-win situation. If you think so too, just head over here to sign up.


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