Track of the Week: Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do


I’ve always been a fan of Ellie Goulding. She’s been my girl crush ever since I saw her with a drum kit at Coachella 2011 – that was haaawt!  I’m very happy that she’s basically in every movie soundtrack: About Time, Divergent, and now Fifty Shades of Grey. I have this track listed as another favorite. Take a listen (that is if you haven’t yet!):

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Track of the Week: Wolf Alice – Bros

Wolf-AliceUK foursome Wolf Alice delivers this week’s Track of the Week. The band has been recently grazing lists with headlines such as Bands to Look Out for and the like. Undoubtedly, the band could make it big this year (no jinx!). They marry garage rock with pop melodies, and at times, induce a nostalgic impression of the 90s band Hole.

With their tour scheduled for this year, the band will be playing tracks from their two EPs, Blush and Creature Songs plus their singles, including the earworm track “Bros.”

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Track of the Week: Childish Gambino – Sober


I’m a fan of Donald Glover and/or Childish Gambino – he’s the same person but he does different things but I love him whichever way he decided to be (haha). I was kind of sad (and I kind of boycotted Community) when Glover left the show, but there are no hard feelings. Case in point: my love for his track “Sober” and more importantly its music video, which comes with a dancing Childish Gambino, trying to impress the girl in the video while she’s waiting for her fast food take away (if it didn’t work on her, it worked plenty for me).

The sound and the dancing is reminiscent of Michael Jackson (who I know I should be in to but I never was – maybe because I grew up at the time where he kind of looked weird and that kind of freaked me out as a kid), and it’s smooth, cool, and a great track to listen and bop your head along to.

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Track of the Week: Purity Ring – Push Pull


It’s not my first time to loop a song from Purity Ring. Back when the Canadian duo released their debut album Shrines in 2012, I was totally digging “Fineshrine”. It’s cool, dark and completely hypnotic. It’s also not your typical love song with lyrics like get a little closer, let fold / cut open my sternum, and pull / my little ribs around you / the rungs of me be under you (don’t you just love it when lyrics are borderline creepy yet super metaphoric – kinda like Alt-J’s you’re a shark and I’m swimming). For their sophomore album, they give us a taste with “Push Pull” – a track that doesn’t alienate its already existing fans but also doesn’t bore them.

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Track of the Week: Bleachers – Wake Me


I didn’t rush right away to listen to Bleachers’ album, Strange Desire, suffice to say, I think I put a lot of things on hold this year. And also, I’m in some sort of a musical rut. But this month, I managed to finally be ‘in the mood’ to listen to the album – and I actually, really, liked it. This weeks’ TOFW is the album’s first standout, “Wake Me.” Of course I think the line that hooked me was the repetitive, I can’t believe I captured your heart.

And I don’t know if this is totally imagined or what, but I do imagine this song was written or at least sung for Jack Antonoff’s girlfriend, Lena Dunham. Oh and trivia – if you didn’t know already – Jack is 1/3 of that band, fun.

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Track of the Week: Jamie T – Zombie

Jamie T photographed this month at the recording studio he rents in Hackney

I’m late to board the Jamie T is awesome train – he has, after all, impressed a lot of people since 2007, crowned as the Best Solo Artist at the 2007 Shockwave NME Awards and all (he beat Jarvix Cocker and Thom Yorke!). But I’m not wasting any minute longer – and so should you. So let’s just listen (and dance, yay!) to his track “Zombie”.

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