Tracks of the Week: Sam Beeton, Russell Howard, Givers, San Cisco, Vanbot

February! Grammy talk, yes? (And everyone’s talking about the Oscars already and Angelina Jolie’s leg.) I just want to say a big fat CONGRATULATIONS to Bon Iver (not Bonny Bear, but still funny you guise) for winning Best New Artist. I did a little dance on the inside when he got up on stage and thanked the people for a “sweet hook-up.”

Anyway, since we are talking about the Best New Artist award, I thought it might also be a good time for New Artists on this page! Also, as much as possible, I’ll start using Soundcloud cause I know some people complaining about some restricted sites at work — so no worries! We won’t get that in the way fo you discovering new tunes! 🙂

Sam Beeton
Sam Beeton – Good Natured Child
So before you roll your eyes and tell me I’ve spotted a pretty boy, once again — ok, yeah. He is pretty, but don’t write him off yet! It’s not everyday you find a singer-songwriter who models for Burberry in his spare time but produces songs every month, sends it out to his fans via his Record Club. Now that’s a hard-working lad! He recently released his single, “Under the Fence” on iTunes, and has confirmed touring with fellow Brit musician Charlie Simpson. Interested in getting his personalized CDs every month? Go ahead and check out his site.

Russell Howard
Russell Howard – Safe to Say
Here’s another talented man — this time from Charlotte, North Carolina. Russell’s style borders on indie, folk, and pop — a nice blend, if you’d ask me. His EP, City Heart, just got released today, “Safe to Say” being its carrier single. If you want to hear more of Russell, you can go ahead and check him out here.


Givers – Up, Up, Up
Let’s move on to a promising indie group from Louisiana — Givers! Fairly new to the scene, Givers formed in 2009 and has gained recognition by being named as one of TIME’s “Ten Acts That Rocked South by Southwest.” This year, they’re gearing up for Coachella — and this catchy single, “Up, Up, Up” is featured on EA Sports’ FIFA 12.

San Cisco

San Cisco – Golden Revolver
From one promising band to another, let me introduce you to my new love, San Cisco. The band caught my attention with their catchy tune “Awkward,” which gained #7 spot on Triple J’s Hottest 100 countdown for 2011. The young band that they are (their lead Jordi is still about to graduate high school!), the lot has proven to be well-loved — they’ve performed on several festivals and recently announced their Rocket Ship Tour in Australia. Grab me a ticket now, will ya?


Vanbot – Make Me, Break Me
And lastly, to oomph some girl power in this post, we have Swedish newbie Ester Isdekog aka Vanbot. She reminds me a bit of Ellie Goulding and Oh Land, but of course, we could always make room for another gorgeous girl in this industry. Proof enough, she’ll be performing in SXSW in March this year.
That’s it for now! I just made sure I had something to say before the month ends. Ohhh, and also – I’ve finally booked those tickets to Vietnam! So we’ll just cross to Cambodia and see where it leads us! Ah, this excites me! Must think of a good backpacker playlist soon then! 🙂

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