Snow Patrol Fallen Empires Tour: Manila


Snow Patrol Fallen Empires Tour
August 9, 2012
SMART Araneta Coliseum 

My biggest concert hangover to date — Snow Patrol really just took my breath away.

Truth be told, I can’t put things into words (and I’m supposed to blog about it?). All I can say is that, I went to the concert thinking, wellI’d be stupid not to go, this is Snow Patrol after all, and they may not be back ever ever again and I came out of the coliseum thinking, OHMYFUCKINGGODTHATWASTHEBESTCONCERTICAN’TBELIEVEIEVENCONSIDEREDNOTTOCOMEANDOHMYGODTHEYWERESOAWESOMELIVEANDICAN’TBELIEVEIHAVEN’TSEENTHEMSOONERANDOHMYGOD

It stretches on, but you get the idea. I came out the biggest fan girl there is (but I have a feeling that someone else who watched the concert would claim this too). All 16 songs in one go, no set breaks — 2 songs for the encore. I have to give props to the audience too, the fans outweighed the nonsensical and annoying-“we’re-just-gonna-sit-down” type of people (booo).

Moreover, I didn’t want the band to stop, even if they sing and play the same song over and over. If I could have them on loop, I probably would. I would supply Gary Lightbody with food and water for the rest of my life if he could just stay on the stage and sing for me.

That very night I told people that they’d be stupid to not to see Snow Patrol live even once in their lives, ever.

I stand by those words.

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    – Sooo, I guess you liked it just a little bit. HAHAHA

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