Track of the Week: Blind Pilot – Always


Some crushes are as shallow as my fixation for Maroon 5’s Adam Levine – I could easily dismiss him and say, hey, this is just the whole bandwagon effect and I like him because well, everyone else does and he’s on TV. I could go on for days not thinking about him and I wouldn’t feel like I missed something important. But then there are those crushes that are quite the opposite, those that you could fully hold yourself responsible for because in your head, they fit in your little bubble of wants, desires and needs. Such is the case for me and Portland, Oregon’s indie folk band, Blind Pilot.

I first heard a Blind Pilot song on a random radio-streaming day back in late 2011 and found myself scribbling their name and the track (“Half Moon“) on my notes – a habit I’ve formed to tell myself that a) I need to listen to the song further and; b) if I liked it still, then I should explore the band’s other tracks. It mostly works – but realistically, I’m like that guy who’s collected a bunch of girls’ phone numbers but has no sense of follow through. So I never really rang up Blind Pilot – that is, until over a year later.

And while listening to “Half Moon” seemed familiar (comes with the cliche, “I know this song!” line), it was listening to their 2011 release We Are The Tide that just swept me off my feet. They say it only takes you a moment to fall in love, and in Blind Pilot’s case, it was Track 2: “Always” that sealed the deal. It seems juvenile to gush about it so early as I’ve only reconnected with the band’s music two days ago, but isn’t that infatuation best defined?

This post was initially published in Music Weekly Asia.

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