Artist Spotlight: Mikky Ekko

Had I seen the Grammys fully last February, I would have had this crush written sooner. Performing with Rihanna (who needs no introduction) that night was American singer/songwriter Mikky Ekko for the track “Stay”.

Listening to the track for the first time, for me, acted like an appetizer to the main course that is Mikky Ekko’s talent. It didn’t take me long – in fact just a single play for “Stay” – before I took the initiative to look for Mikky Ekko on streaming sites and search engines. The search produced three EPs, a couple of singles, and a never-ending loop of his track “Pull Me Down”.

A duet with a certified hit maker is probably the best way to be introduced to the world, and for that I may just be eternally grateful to Rihanna for pulling a ‘newbie’ out of the shadows and into the Grammy stage spotlight, then into my friend’s playlist, to mine, and hopefully yours.

This post is initially published in Music Weekly Asia.

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