Track of the Week: Up Dharma Down – Indak

Up Dharma Down wins! I had a couple of favorites this week – most notably, tracks from Swim Deep’s Where the Heaven Are We. I may just have to talk about that in a different post cause hands down, Up Dharma Down beats Swim Deep (or anyone else) for this week – as you can see from my scrobbling action:


Emotive, highly addictive – “Indak” may be my second favorite track from Capacities – a close second to “Turn it Well”.

When watching UDD’s live performances, I find this track to be most ‘sing-able’ – excluding their all-time favorite “Oo”. There’s just so much emotion in the words and Armi’s voice that makes this an easy belt-out track (I may be contested though – “Tadhana” is also as every bit good to sing along too as this track – but I tend to lean more towards “Indak”).

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