Track of the Week: Haim – “The Wire”


Well, it happened. It finally happened. Remember earlier this year, when I expressed my lack of enthusiasm for Haim just because of a misleading recommendation from MySpace? Well, I stuck by them (and frankly, I don’t have much choice when music magazines have been tracking their activities) and apart from “Don’t Save Me” from their EP, I finally found a song that I actually genuinely liked from the all-girl trio.

“The Wire” took me by surprise – it’s a fun pop tune that’s still very 80s, but it’s rockin’ anyway. The fact that Haim is finally something that I wouldn’t mind looping is enough to get Track of the Week, beating Ellie Goulding’s “Burn” and Haerts’ “All The Days“, which I seriously considered. Enjoy the tune an the hilarious music video; I won’t blame you if dance.

And our artsy lyric thingie (I top fluency):


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