Track of the Week: Lorde – Team


The first time I heard (or read?) about Lorde, it was all about “Royals”. Everyone loved “Royals”. I loved it for the fact that it took Miley Cyrus down (but only listened to it one time). When her debut Pure Heroine came out and I decided to finally find out what the hullabaloo was about, I sat on my chair, listening to Track 3, thinking, well, this is very Lana del Rey.

I liked Lana del Rey when she came out some time in 2010/2011. She looked pretty. She sounded dark, and very dragging. There’s a certain charm that I got when she was abuzz. So naturally, when I initially heard Lorde’s tracks, it made me wonder why everyone was raving about something that has been done before.

Did they miss Lana del Rey? (Given the fact that her last song was “Young and Beautiful” for The Great Gatsby Soundtrack at the time). Maybe they did.

But as I reached Track 4: Ribs, I calmed myself down and thought: this isn’t so bad. The rest of the tracks I dismissed.

A few days after, I was tuned in to a random internet radio station. “Team” played. I recognized Lana 2.0 but a lyric stuck: And everyone’s competing for a love they won’t receive.

I rushed back to Pure Heroine. Listened to “Royals” better. Looped “Ribs”. Listened to “Team”. Now looping “Team”. Opening myself up to the possibility of re-listening to the other non-standout tracks. Acknowledging the fact that Lorde’s been nominated for a Grammy. Watching Lorde from afar, reading about how young she is, how awesome she is, and waiting for my mind to change.

Maybe I do miss Lana del Rey. But maybe I’m  liking the fact that Lorde’s not whiny, and she doesn’t sing about lovesick-y themes and her cola flavored pussy. And I like Lorde’s hair.

Maybe I have changed my mind.

team copy

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