Track of the Week: James Vincent McMorrow – Red Dust


Someone just got super interesting.

James Vincent McMorrow managed to capture people’s attention in 2010 with his debut Early in the Morning which includes the tunes “If I Had a Boat”, “We Don’t Eat” and my personal favorite, “If My Heart Should Somehow Stop”. With his impressive falsettos yet quiet folk tunes, he’s like the Irish Bon Iver – hence, he easily slipped in to that genre. Four years later though, McMorrow released Post Tropical, a ten-track record that completely blew my mind. With his falsettos still in check, McMorrow’s tracks were seemingly dipped in hot, sticky caramel sauce. It’s sumptuous and a step out of his genre, adding a bit more of soul and a dash of hip-hop and electro beats.

“Red Dust” is the third track of the album. It’s a good sample of what Post Tropical is like: sexy, sensual, emotive and a little bit harrowing.

James Vincent McMorrow just put himself out from the shadows of the “Bon Iver types”. He is James Vincent freakin’ McMorrow. Everyone should know his name by now.

Our artsy thingie:

Aviary Photo_130356212002152269

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