Artist Spotlight: Hudson Taylor

1a3a88514d8bf816504207dae2d8d026 (1)It took me a while before I had someone to talk about on Artist Spotlight – and the reason is I always try to wait for someone ‘new’ (although that word can be subjective) who’d be able to get me excited. For the British brothers Hudson Taylor’s case, I am more smitten than excited – and reasonably so, I mean, will ya take a look at that photo?.

Their good looks aside, the boys are way more than just pretty faces. They’re two boys who can seriously harmonize and play their guitars. They have an impressive amount of live acoustic videos on their YouTube channel which just shows their range and skill. They recently released their single “Battles” on iTunes, but I find their EP Osea  (2013) a good representation of their sound and potential. Their track “Care” is my current favorite:

For more Hudson Taylor:

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