2014 Second Quarter Picks


That time of the year again! Here’s the list of artists I listened to for the period.

Folksy Tunes

Roo Panes

Ok, Roo Panes is amazing. I just want to get that out of the way. I don’t know what it is about British boys and folk music but UGH, it is such a glorious combination. It doesn’t hurt that he looks that way too, ifyouknowwhatImean (Burberry agrees), but if “Land of the Living” doesn’t convince you, you should listen to “Little Giant” instead. It is ovaries exploding kind of good. If you don’t have ovaries, you will grow one. And you will only get to keep them for five seconds cause ovaries. exploding.

But seriously though, look at him and his band. Harmonizing. Playing all their beautiful instruments. So much beauty in five minutes. You don’t even need to get to the ovaries exploding part.

Hudson Taylor

I have featured the brothers Alfie and Harry for my Artist Spotlight, but come on. If they’re this good, I think they deserve multiple mentions.

The Honey Trees

The Honey Trees released their album “Bright Fire” in April. The song “Still I Try” was a standout for me. It’s the beautiful kind of sad, I find.

Bon Iver Feels

Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Young and talented Aussie channeling our favorite woodsy folk man, Bonny Bear. Thank you Jesus.

Novo Amor

Featured on my Record Musts, Novo Amor’s Woodgate, NY EP  is melancholic, ambient and soothing.

For more Bonny Bear feels, you can check out The Black Atlantic.

The One That Got Away


Snakadaktal broke up. I mean, really. How awful is it to discover a band only to find out that they have broken up? It’s kinda like that time I discovered Nick Drake and found out he was dead. I was so mad at mortality then.

Indie Goodness


Strfkr’s album “Miracle Mile” can be summed up in one word: fun. Okay, a little trippy, too, but fun.


If you fell in love with DWNTWN’s “Missing You” from my previous Track of the Week entry, you can listen to the rest of their EP because they are adorable and they make really good music.

Pacific Air

Trust me, you would want this song ready on your iPod or wherever. This is like the perfect song to listen to when you need something to match your happy-happy mood. Good for strolling. Good anytime.

Washed Out

So I went to Boracay last May. This was the perfect jam.


An indie-pop tune that could sit very well on the mainstream side, Smallpools released a 4-track self-titled EP that contains energetic, almost reminiscent of the band Peace with a stroke of punk rock ala We the Kings or Hot Chelle Rae, etc kind of tunes: happy, teeny, and perfect for house parties (the Hollywood high school movie kind).

Sir Sly

I don’t know what I was doing with my life last year for missing out on this (I mean, I do remember the album cover and the name, but how did I not like this song then when/if I ever listened to it?). Sir Sly’s “Gold” has that The Neighbourhood vibe and it’s cool cool cool.

Mainstream Goodness


Because duh.

Ed Sheeran

I love Ed Sheeran’s newest album, X. LOVE IT. But this track? This first track? Its mission is to slay your hearts. Take note of “The Man” too. Throw in “Sing” and  “Don’t” because they’re less likely to give you Dawson ugly cry face:


Also, I think Ed Sheeran owes us a hug after putting us through that emotional torture, I’m just saying.

Lana del Rey

Given that this song is pretty much the tune of “What Is a Youth” (which just reminds me of Zefferelli’s Romeo and Juliet, my favorite R&J movie of all), I kinda like Lana del Rey’s newest record Ultraviolence. This one’s a standout on my first listen – maybe because of “What is a Youth”? I’m not sure. The whole album has that hazy, mysterious del Rey feel though.

American Authors

I’m pretty sure American Authors is gonna be like the next Imagine Dragons. They just sound like they’re brothers.

Staying Local 


Saw this band during Satchmi’s Vinyl Day. Such a great discovery. They’re young and fairly new to the scene and they performed a cover of Death Cab for Cutie’s “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” at that time, which just really made the whole night.

June Marieezy

 Also saw June Marieezy (finally!) on Vinyl Day. At the time, I was really digging Jhene Aiko’s music, so when i heard June’s voice, I was pretty impressed. She’s pretty cute when she’s performing too.


For non-top listening, I’ve made you a playlist too:

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