Track of the Week: Real Estate – Talking Backwards


I’ve had the pleasure of watching Real Estate live two years ago at Laneway. Back then, they have already released two albums, their self-titled debut and their follow-up, Days. Real Estate has that very easy, laid back, indie rock-dream pop sound. I haven’t been their most avid fan, but when I randomly spotted their video “Talking Backwards” while I was in a record label’s reception area, I was hooked.

Not that their video is super interesting (although I find behind-the-scenes footage really fun), it’s more so because of how light and refreshing the tune was. Also, there was this line at the beginning: We can talk for hours/ When the line is still engaged / We’re not getting any closer / You’re too many miles away – and then there was the rest of the song that I can not just quote because that would make this blog post a lyric sheet. 

Anyway, I had an on going monologue in my head then, asking myself: wait, is this new? How come I haven’t heard of this yet? What have I been listening to all this time? Who are these guys? Is this Real Estate? That blonde guy looks like someone from SwimDeep, but nah, those guys don’t really sound this chill. Maybe it’s someone else. This is what I get from switching to two streaming services, I miss out on the good stuff. Seriously, can someone tell me who these guys are? Maybe I can google it later. Quick, listen to the lyrics and type it out later. That works for me most of the time, right? Just type out random lyrics?

I had to wait until the song was over to find out who they were – because unlike the internet (more so YouTube), music channels don’t post the title and the artist’s name unless it’s the beginning or the end (I know, right, this used to be fine when we had MTV as the main source of all music videos but now that we’ve got these video streaming platforms, it’s not as good enough anymore). So it was Real Estate. And yes, it’s new. “Talking Backwards” is lifted from their third album, Atlas. I haven’t fully listened to the whole album yet, but that moment in the reception area – panicking for not knowing what the song is and feeling that urgency to know what it was because I needed it – that’s never happened to me in a really long time (probably because I no longer listen to music on the radio or TV for that matter).

So for that, I may probably always remember how ‘I met’ “Talking Backwards”. Despite of loving other tracks this week such as Nat and Alex Wolff’s “Rules”, Alt-J’s most-awaited single “Hunger of the Pine” and Roo Panes’ “Little Giant” – I still go back to it because of that moment.

So enjoy the track – it only lasts for three minutes. It’s never quite enough for me.

For more Real Estate:

Official Website   |   Facebook   |   Twitter   |   YouTube   |   iTunes

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