Track of the Week: MOTHXR – Easy


Luckily, I scrolled past a photo of Penn Badgley on Tumblr last night and wondered, what is he up to these days? I was expecting to see new movies or TV shows, but the search turned out to be better: Penn Badgley has a band (and a beard, sometimes) named MOTHXR, and it’s the most exciting news I’ve heard from anyone coming from Gossip Girl.

Penn’s celebrity aside, MOTHXR is a really exciting band. A first listen to their track “Easy” is enough to make me scour around, looking for more of their sound, wanting to get a better feel of what they’re about. With just three tracks out including “Victim” and “Centerfold”, it’s still hard to pin down what vibe they’re after (but sexy, in general haha). “Centerfold” has that White Lies/ Joy Division streak, “Victim” dives into an R&B-electro vibe ala The Weeknd (and everyone else these days, if you realize), while “Easy” is a more loose and relaxed tune.

Considering that the band is fairly new and that their music pretty much reflects that they’re still experimenting, the foursome’s hashing out stirring content, nonetheless.

For more of MOTHXR:

Official Website   |   Facebook   |   Twitter   |   YouTube

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