June Tunes


Halfway done with 2015! Can you believe it? Still waiting for music loves for this year, and I think I have a couple of them here! Here are my Top 10 artists for June:

1 Hippo Campus

Ah, my band loves! (That’s right, they’re not a band crush, it has escalated to love pretty much right away – soon as I watched this video.) These four talented Minnesotan boys excite me. They make me want to type their name on search engines, stalk each member’s Twitter and Instagram feeds (sorry!) just to find out more. And while they are basically newbies, the boys recently released an EP called Bashful Creatures and I honestly couldn’t get enough of it. No pressure to the boys but I’m basically at wit’s end waiting for their LP. They’re touring though so I guess we still have to wait.

2 Hilary Duff

#sorrynotsorry but Ed Sheeran wrote a song for Hilary Duff and it is catchy as hell. Also, the song is so characteristically Ed Sheeran that it’s just a surefire hit for me.

3 Buddy Holly

Writing something that possibly involves Buddy Holly and when is it not good to listen to some Buddy? He’s got a pretty interesting life story too, so I was easily sucked in the Buddy Holly zone.

4 Autour de Lucie

I was actively seeking out French songs last month and I managed to stumble on Autour de Lucie as well as Vianney and Holden. Last year, my discoveries were Peter Peter (he’s Canadian though), Joyce Jonathan and this track by Sidoine.

The Paper Kites

I’m still very much in love with The Paper Kites’ Woodland EP, and their Young North EP is also such a gem. All good thigns coming from this Aussie folk band.

6 Passion Pit

I’m still enjoying Passion Pit’s Kindred and I’m still as convinced that I’ll be seeing Michael and the band this August.

7 Of Monsters and Men

They’re baaaack! I haven’t given my full attention to their album but I’m extremely digging this track and “I Of The Storm”.

8 Lenachka

Girl crush alert! Lenachka’s self-titled EP is a pop delight with a dash or R&B. Girl’s got an awesome voice too.

9 Alvvays

It took me a while to get here, but I’m kind of obsessed with Alvvays’ “Archie Marry Me” now.

10 Wolf Alice

Just finished my first listen of Wolf Alice’s debut “My Love is Cool” and it is – well, cool. There are definite gems in there and I’m planning to put it on loop.

Note-worthy listens:

San Cisco – Magic

Yay for my Aussie band crush! I have to admit, the new album borders on some weirdness (like this video?), but I love Scarlett and Jordi since “Awkward” so I will give San Cisco plenty of chances.

Leon Bridges – Smooth Sailin’

This guy. This guy I’m keeping a close eye on.

Tame Impala – Eventually

I didn’t ‘get’ Tame Impala much back then but now I finding the new singles more relatable. Can’t wait for the new album!

Will Joseph Cook – Streets of Paris

Still quite a newbie, but so much potential.

Kehlani – You Should Be Here

Jhene Aiko is still my R&B queen, but Kehlani is also very impressive.

XYLØ – Beneath the Devil and the Deep Blue

I’m into this kind of music now, I realize.

Vance Joy – Great Summer

Paper Towns soundtrack! Vance Joy has come a long way – touring with Taylor Swift and all. I love that he’s fully embraced all of this, especially when it seemed that he was quite a reserved guy from his earlier years as a musician.

And that’s it! See you next month!

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