Reads: Six delos Reyes – After the Moment

Yay! I finished reading one of the stories from Buqo YA Bundle 1 (about time, eh?)!  And because I rarely write reviews for books (I just don’t know how to do it haha and I’m scared to even do it), I’ll just let my live tweets speak for itself:

So I started reading “After The Moment” and immediately noticed Six’s usage of words (she’s quite the eloquent one). But my first tweet goes to this:

I have a thing for how characters are described and Perry’s description is pretty much hilarious. After this sentence, the tweets started coming cause I’m hooked (thanks, Perry! You’re not even a main character in this story but you had me at that):

By this point I am already loving Aria’s reluctance to Kris Li. Which is nice. Because we all read about gushing and asdflkjfalj;laf and I’m so glad she’s not melting into puddle even if he’s obviously puddle-able (showcasing my eloquence too, you know?).

But Kris Li is pretty cool. He is also not the guy who says stuff that makes one cringe. LOL hard, yes. Then at that point I was just realizing how I’m so entertained by all of this:

And then I made the author know about the ridiculousness of my live tweeting. AND SO IT CONTINUES

More Aria angst towards Kris Li. And then Kris Li had to be himself correcting people:

And then I’ve been introduced to the concept of being “Great Walled” which only proves that I have not dated a Fil-Chinese boy LOL. Also, Kris Li’s knowledge of Chick Flicks is highly concerning (but adorable ugh):

AND SPOILER ALERT! Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to know what happens next. JK THEY TOTALLY HELD HANDS AND I REACTED LIKE AN OLD LADY

And then I did this for a minute:


But it’s not over because Kris Li had to do this:

And I’m about to surrender to the puddle but Aria had better self control than me, thank God.

Now you have to read the story too, right? RIGHT?

If you’re still not sure what I’m talking about, here’s the quick synopsis:

Under the most normal of circumstances, Aria de Luna could never imagine herself kissing the boy she has always considered to be miles and miles out of her league. She’s known as their year’s resident emo-girl and she plays the part flawlessly with her violet hair, scuffed boots, and her alleged angst from living under the shadow of her over-achieving, perfect, older sister. Meanwhile, Kristoffer Li is living the perfect life. He’s popular, next year’s captain of the basketball team, attractive, if maybe a little too frowny for people’s liking, but he looks very pretty on a chocolate-milk drink carton.

So it is only under the most unusual circumstance that Kris shows up at the Arts and Culture Festival Aria has been looking forward to all year. But does a morning of awkward conversations, an afternoon of provoking discussions, and a moment under the moonlight really change three years of oblivious coexistence? Or will everything go back to the way it was after the moment?

If you’re convinced, it’s available on Buqo!

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