#SayFeels! with Chase and Regina from The Boyfriend Backtrack by Dawn Lanuza

Hi guys! The Reading Belles is currently hosting #SayFeels, where #romanceclass authors (including me) wrote a Valentine’s Day outtake/scene from their books.

I wrote a scene from my very first book, The Boyfriend Backtrack. It was time that I revisit Chase and Regina, ask them how they’re doing and what their plans are for Valentine’s Day.


They were at the last stop of The Great Taco Hunt. Six stalls, one mission: to find the best taco in the city.

This was a gift to him, from his girlfriend, on Valentine’s Day.

Chase thought she would have wanted to be wined and dined, but Regina suggested this food festival with food trucks, tacos, beer and other cuisines.

She’s the best girlfriend, did he already mention that?

She is.

Regina walked around with a San Mig Light in one hand. She was wearing a shirt with the cover of Hatful of Hollow on print, the same one she grabbed from his closet, because she liked doing that- wearing his shirts because they were comfortable and they smelled good.

It was the fabric conditioner, she reasoned.

She stomped on the ground with her cherry Doc Martens before turning back to him.

“I really think we should just crown Taco Wacko.”

Taco Wacko was the third stop, and she was right, it was good. It was possibly the tastiest of the bunch- cured beef with cheese, peppers, onions, and their signature salsa. It was a soft taco too, the kind she preferred, because she still thought eating the hard shell was messy.

But the vegetarian taco they just had was also interesting. It was filled with spinach, mushrooms and cheese, with bits of corn, squash and peppers. He enjoyed it til the last bite.

“You’re full, aren’t you?”

Chase actually expected her to be tapping out at Stop #2. Regina was never much of a Mexican food fan, she found them always a bit too spicy for her liking. This is why he thought that this whole event was just for him.

“I could fit another one in,” Regina touched her stomach. “I have a food baby. Wanna touch?”

He laughed, “Do you want to get dessert after this?”

She was the desert type of girl. She liked sitting on coffee shops, lingering on a coffee cup, relishing on something sweet while sketching something. That was her. And he loved sitting across her. He would watch her smudge the edges, her fingers turning gray at the contact of lead or charcoal. She sometimes would look up at him and then laugh, like she just remembered that he was there.

She yawned, “Depends on what’s next.”

They approached the food truck and read the menu. They offered Carnitas Tacos, and he knew they wouldn’t be able to make that dessert stop. They ordered, let their tacos touch as if toasting, then ate with much gusto. They stayed at the food festival for less than an hour after that, crowned Taco Wacko the winner and ordered a couple to take away.

It was a successful date, considering he only had a couple of days to get away with his shifting schedule at the hospital. Today wasn’t exactly Valentine’s Day either, it was a couple of days later because on the actual day, he was on ER duty. Apparently, people still get sick and accidents still happen on that day.

Chase left Regina that morning with pancakes and Nutella on the kitchen counter, two dozen red roses on the vase, and a wrapped coffee table book containing the artworks at the Louvre just waiting for her.

That was what he could pull off then, but this day – this was theirs.


Read the rest of the story here: http://thereadingbelles.com/sayfeels-dawn/.

Links to read The Boyfriend Backtrack here.


Happy Valentine’s Month, everyone!


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