Big News!


If you weren’t able to attend my panel, Self-Publishing Your Poetry, at the Philippine Readers and Writers’ Festival last August 25-27, 2017, it was announced that my first poetry collection, The Last Time I’ll Write About You will be re-released and published by Andrews McMeel Publishing on January 2018.

I’ve kept this a secret for a while, so to be able to share the news to everyone in the room was quite overwhelming and humbling. Thank you for the cheer and the hugs and the love, even after the announcement was made.

I tweeted this last Sunday, and I will always repeat it: this success is ours, and not mine alone. If you’ve read, shared and loved this little book, then you have, in more ways than one, helped me achieve this milestone.

So thank you and I hope you continue to show your support to the book – an extended version will be released then and I can’t wait to share it with you all. 😘


I shared the panel with self-pubbed authors Charissa Ong Ty and Kota Yamada and they were both amazing and inspiring. We all had different journeys and it was great to hear how our efforts ultimately brought us together that day. There were also plenty of aspring published authors inside the room, and that makes me so excited!

Thanks to National Book Store for giving me the space and time to share this wonderful news, and for introducing to a great bunch of people.

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