It’s out!

The revised and expanded edition of The Last Time I’ll Write About You, published by Andrews McMeel Publishing, is finally out!

Kindly check with your local bookstores or favorite online retailers if it is available, if not – make sure you ask them! I appreciate the ones asking me if it’s available but it would be better if you approach the stores instead. Why?

  1. It lets the stores know that you want the book.
  2. Now that they know, they’ll get it!
  3. You helped create a demand! Wow! Much economics! And most of all;
  4. You didn’t cause me anxiety (and for this, I thank you so much!).

Thank you for your interest and support for this book, I appreciate all of your messages, reviews and photos.

I suck at keeping this page updated, so be sure to follow my socials for updates on where I’d be, etc. to promote the book. xx


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