#TLTIWAY’s Book Signing at National Book Store’s #BookBingeBazaar

Hey guys!

I was invited by National Book Store at the first ever #BookBingeBazaar (!) held at Megatrade Hall 3, SM Megamall this February 10! It’s the first book signing for The Last Time I’ll Write About You, but if you couldn’t come, don’t worry! I have more dates to announce and an official launch.

Anyway, before signing books, I was asked by NBS to record 3 video messages for World Book Day, Valentine’s Day, and to promote the book. The question for World Book Day is: What is your favorite book, and why? All bookworms know how HAAAARD it is to answer this question, so I settled to share my most recent 5-star read. Here’s a photo of me struggling to answer this existential crisis-inducing question, lol.


Not telling you the answer, so we can all just find out once they post it (will they even post it? With my spazzy anwers? Lol.)

For Valentine’s Day, they asked me to read a piece from my book, which I HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE but okay, I guess we have to start doing it, and practice, etc. I picked a random piece (a brief one too!) – a new piece that wasn’t on the indie edition of TLTIWAY.


Lastly, I invited everyone to please visit their favorite National Book Store branches or  www.nationalbookstore.com to get a copy of The Last Time I’ll Write About You. I did a special edition of the book with NBS, which includes an extra piece and illustrations from my very talented fried, Luntian Dumlao!

As for the signing, familiar faces and new ones showed up! I love meeting friends (thank you for the love, #romanceclass! <3), seeing new faces and hearing how they found out about the book / me, our social media interactions (hey, I can remember some of your handles!), and how some aspire to be authors as well.

Thank you again for coming, I’m very happy to see you all! I hope you enjoy reading my book. Let’s do it again some time, yeah? New book signing dates/ appearances are most likely to be announced on my social media pages – which, by the way, have you liked/ followed yet?




And if you live outside PH, you can buy your books on Amazon, where it’s currently #1 on New Releases for Asian American Poetry (yay!), or other online retail stores. Or better, go to your fave book shop, and ask around if I’m there. I had a separate post about this.

…Aaand that’s it. Here are other photos from the launch taken by my friend, Maan.



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