#AfternoonFeels at Fully Booked!

Hey guys,

Yesterday was fun. I spent my afternoon at Fully Booked to talk about my book, The Last Time I’ll Write About You, had fun ~painting (let’s use this word loosely) using Uni markers (which I might just hoard, because they’re awesome!), and took some cool photos with Instax. All of this is a part of #AfternoonFeels, hosted by Fully Booked.

The first part was a chat-slash-Q&A with my friend Ilia (if you read/ have all of my books, she’s usually on my Acknowledgements section, lol). She asked me about how this book came to be, how it’s different from my other titles, what’s my writing process, who my literary heroes are, etc. We also had interesting questions from the audience, like how to ‘break out’ globally and what lessons I’ve learned after releasing the book.

The second part was fun cause we get to design our canvas bags and plates using Uni Markers! We also had an artist to a demo for us for this bit.

(Can I just say my pants are the perfect thing to wear for this cause it’s so colorful haha)

The last part is the book signing + meeting new people and catching up with friends and people who I met on book signings/ events before and taking photos with Instax. They had a beautiful set-up, with book pages for walls, fairy lights and photos hung. So romantic!

Lastly, I signed about 100+ copies of The Last Time I’ll Write About You, so make sure you get copies on Fully Booked for only php495! Signed copies will be distributed on different store locations, so no need to drop by High Street if that’s too far from you (but hey, High Street branch is super cool).


It was a great afternoon. Thanks to everyone who made it, and talked to me about their favorite authors and books (I ask this question sometimes while signing books, lol). ‘Til next time!



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