It’s been a while! So many major holidays have passed but hey. Hi. Merry Christmas, Happy 2021! Things I wanna mention here really quickly:

  1. I Must Belong Somewhere is out. There might be some trouble finding its physical copy on stores cause shipping, COVID-19, whatever else but:
    • it is available digitally on AmazonKoboGoogle BooksApple BooksNook, you name it. It’s there. 🙂
    • it won’t hurt to ask your book store’s customer service for it. If you do, they will know that someone is looking for it. You created a demand. And if I sat through my economics class right, they should take care of the supply. Congrats! You made a difference.
  2. I have a short story called “Noted” included in the Tropetastic Kindness Bundle with my #romanceclass friends here. Price for the bundle is $5 or up, depends on what price you think is right. You get 15 short stories from 15 Filipino authors. All proceeds go to charity. 
  3. We launched the Tropetastic Kindness Bundle last Saturday, and you can watch that here. I’m so very happy that we were able to write as a community for this little project. Thanks also to my editors Layla, KB, and Rix for looking after Honey and Grace.
  4. This week, I’m joining Malaysian best-selling author and poet, Charissa Ong-Ty on her Penwings Podcast to talk about Dealing With Critics. We’ll be on IG Live for that. 

Lots of things happening at the moment, but I hope all is well with you! And if not, please know that it’s ok to have a bad day. Take a breath, and try again tomorrow. 🙂



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