new book, hu dis

Hello again! I’ve been busy and for a good reason. As you can see from the subject, I’m releasing a brand new book. I was so excited that I…shared it earlier in my socials before sharing to you here (sorry!). To rectify the situation, I’ll give you more details about the book and do a full cover reveal here. 

I shared this short video on my Instagram last night to be a little cryptic, but the truth is I was too excited to wait for my pre-order link to go live! It took a couple of hours so I ended up sharing the link on my Twitter, just this morning:

Now that the cat is out of the bag, let me tell you about Five Stars. It’s the first book of my ongoing series of novelettes called LuvByte. LuvByte is the name of the boy group I’ve created for this series, and also — quite a literal explanation of what the series is about: bite-sized romance stories that will hopefully satisfy your cravings. 🙂

Here is a full reveal of its cover, featuring illustration by Melon Illustrations and cover design by Reginald Lapid.


As for the synopsis:

What happens when the boy who left… finally comes home?

Tessa Manalo had always been where she was, in a small town where she was born and raised, now with a normal desk job, and a pretty quiet life. Once upon a time, she used to sit next to Sam Herras—yes, that Sam Herras—big-city living, talented, and a member of the popular boy group LuvByte. 

But all of that was in the past… so why would he message her out of the blue to tell her he’s coming home at last?

I started writing this last year (heh) by picking out popular tropes and then randomly assigning one for each member of the group. Can you guess what’s the trope I picked for this one??? Maybe I’ll tell you on the next letter. 😉

I’ve worked once again with my trusted team: KB MeniadoLayla Tanjutco and Rix Forto-Pascual.  

If you’re all grabby hands by now, it is available for pre-order on Amazon, and distributed via Smashwords (meaning it will be on Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Scribd and Kobo) and Google Play Books (some links will be updated).

Now…to address one last detail: I used a different name! And that might be the case from here on out. My not-so secret pen name is Dawn Ranfast, but I will still be in the same social spaces (and here) as I was when I was writing as Dawn Lanuza. I am her and she is me, anyway. 😉

That’s all that’s happening. Hope you’re all caught up and as excited as I am for this new release. It’ll be with you in just two weeks. 😉 

Love always,

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