Singapore Writers Fest and more new, shiny things!

Is it just me or are days just a blur? Seemed like the pages are turning so fast and everyone’s eager to come back to the pace of how things were and I’m here feeling like…it should still be still. I saw this tweet the other day about how 2020 may be horrible, but there’s a certain honesty and calmness about it. Everyone was just so honest about the struggle, but now everyone’s back to pretending it’s fine even if…maybe it still isn’t. 

Anyway, that’s just me. And I’m actually here for updates because…you know, in the midst of the blur, stuff happened. 

So, first: a new book! Well, kind of. If you’ve purchased The Tropetastic Kindness Bundle from last Valentine’s Day, then you might be familiar with the short story I wrote called “Noted.” I’m re-releasing that, revised to fit the LuvByte universe:

Illustration by: Melon Illustration
Cover Design by: Reginald Lapid



[BREAKING] LuvByte member Oli reportedly dating a non-celebrity for over a year

Hardworking and dedicated to her job, Grace was used to working long hours and spending whatever spare time she had alone. After a week of pulling all-nighters, she found her studio apartment suddenly occupied by her brother’s friend. Determined to make her unwanted visitor go away, she devised a plan with her pen and neon-green Post-Its.  

But who was this person staying at her house? Why did he work odd hours? And how was she supposed to keep him out, when he’d already started to let her in on his secrets?

Pre-order links are up (click on the photo)! Release day is 11.22.2021
Besides that, I had a couple of interviews/ talks:

Singapore Writers Festival 

You can still buy festival passes to watch the sessions in Video On Demand (VOD). 

Radyo Katipunan’s New Wave

I had a lot of fun talking to Max about influences (guess what’s the first romcom movie I remembered watching!), writing, and tips on writing and reading slumps. 

And lastly, I started Dear Dawn: The Podcast with author Layla Tanjutco:

This show features letter from my readers, and us doing our best to share some advice. If you wanna be a part of this show, you are more than welcome to write us a letter at! 🙂

Phew! That’s a lot of things. Hopefully you’re in the mood to check out some few links. If you’re not then that’s totally cool too! Go at your own pace. 🙂 

I’ll see you again next time, and hopefully life would feel less rushed. I’d love to know how you’re doing too. 



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