Tracks of the Week: Foster the People, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Head and the Heart, Laura Marling, Ellie Goulding

This week, I’m having a bit of a trouble counting down my five top tunes. It’s probably because I’m only starting to really love Laura Marling’s I Speak Because I Can. No worries, though, I figured that out of the album, there was one song that I just havehavehave to listen to before my day starts.

I’m not going to fill this up with Laura Marling though — and surprise — no Mumford and Sons for this week! Ha. Doesn’t mean I’m over them though — thanks to Coachella. And oh, this list might be influenced by that line-up too. I was streaming a bit of Day 2 and Day 3 live, so here goes:

5. Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks

Foster the People is an indie rock band from Los Angeles, CA. They played on the last day of Coachella festival, they got on stage an act before Mumford and Sons, so I got to see — no, more like hear — them play live. This was the last song in their set I reckon, and I was a bit more familiar with this song because I already heard the single that Friday night. This is a pretty fun song, the kind of music you’d expect playing when you’re just hanging out or driving around.

Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks
4. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Heart in your Heartbreak

I have been hearing this song for quite a while and I just really love those lines, “She was the heart in your heartbreak/ She was the miss in your mistake.” I didn’t get to see these guys in Coachella since they performed on the first day. I’ve actually started listening to this band late last year, probably because of Tenure Itch. But this song’s catchy in its own right:


3. The Head and Heart – Lost in My Mind

You probably could tell by now that I’m kind of into these ‘raw’, bluegrass, folk sound — and The Head and The Heart kind of belongs to that bracket. This is a pretty new band from Seattle and I’ve been hearing this song a couple of times this week, and I always go like, “Who is that?” Pretty bad that their name didn’t stick with me immediately, but it’s good that every time I hear this song, I just have to ask what song it was, so I can (finally) remember (memory gap, this is).

The Head and Heart – Lost in My Mind

2. Laura Marling – Rambling Man

This is my current favorite from Marling’s album. I don’t know why though, I just like listening to it. There’s something really somber and melancholic in Laura’s voice, but strangely, I find it powerful.

Laura Marling – Rambling Man


1. Ellie GouldingUnder the Sheets

I know, I know, I have a late reaction to Ellie Goulding. You can’t blame me, every time I go and search for her songs, there are like, remixes — and I’m not really fan of that. So, the first time I heard Ellie Goulding, I go around and say, “Nah, not for me.” I totally ignored the fact that she’s got this Critic’s Choice Award from the BRIT Awards last year.

So I guess I have to thank Coachella for this because Ellie was the act that followed Pumped Up Kicks before Mumford and Sons’ encore performance. AND MAN WAS I GLAD I KEPT HER ON WHILE I WAS WAITING.

Ellie Goulding – Under the Sheets

I’m sorry, but this girl is oozing with sex appeal. It’s exciting to watch her on stage, dancing around and beating up that drum. I sat there watching her, and I was like, “Man, this girl is sexy.” I mean really. I think I love her (girl crush alert).


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