Tracks of the Week: Vampire Weekend, Until June, Manchester Orchestra, Bright Eyes, Matt Nathanson

It’s an all-boys list for this week, so let’s count down this week’s Top Tunes real quick:
5. Vampire Weekend – I Think Ur A Contra
In case you haven’t heard of Vampire Weekend — and bud, what rock have you been living under lately? — they’re a band from New York City. I’ve actually made a post on its lead singer, Ezra, since he’s pretty darn cute. That aside, I find this song as a sigh of relief. Listening to their album Contra could actually take you dancing and bopping that this track can come off as a surprise — and a good one at that:
Apart from the soothing tune, the lyrics is pretty awesome too. It does wonders on a frustrating/awful day:
“Said never pick sides / Never choose between two/

Well I just wanted you/
I just wanted you.”
4. Until June – In My Head
This track isn’t new, but I think this tune deserves to be heard more. It reeks of potential pang-emo song — the type people belt out when they’re going through some sort of heartbreak. Until June’s a band from California, and this song was featured in the 6th season of Grey’s Anatomy.
“And all the sounds make you fall from all the ways that keep you far from me/

And all I hear are the voices in the air that keep reminding me/
You’re all that’s in my head.”
3. Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math
Manchester Orchestra’s a band from Atlanta, Georgia. They formed in 2005, and this song is their latest release. It’s these lines in this song that always gets to me: Simple math, it’s why our bodies even lay here. As soon as those lines start, I am completely glued. Every freakin’ time I hear this song. Plus, given the thoughts that has been running in my mind, the following lines may be of some weight to me.
“What if I’ve been trying to get to where I’ve always been?/ What if we’ve been trying to get to where we’ve always been?…What if I was wrong and you had never questioned it?/ What if it was true, that all we thought was right, was wrong?”
2. Bright Eyes – Shell Games
Bright Eyes is back with a new album, “The People’s Key”, this track included. I find this pretty catchy — the first time I heard this song, which is about two weeks ago, I was already able to sing along with the lines but here it come, that heavy love, I’m never gonna move it alone. Take a listen and you might find yourself singing along too. 🙂
My favorite part of the song would probably be on those part where they sing, everyone on the count of three, everyone on the count of three — It’s like an instant cue to sing along.
1. Matt Nathanson – Faster
Matt Nathanson’s back! Well, I don’t know if he ever left the scene but I have loved his single ‘Come On Get Higher” so I was pretty psyched when I first heard this song. I don’t know what’s up with Matt Nathanson, but his songs got this magical ability to make one feel — dare I say it — sexy. Well, maybe this only applies to a woman. And oh, right — excuse me, but Matt Nathanson’s works running between folk and rock, so he gets a big fat thumbs up from me. 🙂
Let’s hear it for the boys then. Till next week. 😉

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