Noah and the Whale – Last Night on Earth

So, usually, I let albums sit for about a few weeks and months, even before I do a review. That’s the only way I could be sure if it’s good, so-so or not. That’s what I was doing with Noah and the Whale’s The First Days of Spring, since I’m pretty undecided on it yet.
A lot of people say it’s brilliant, I mean, I enjoy it too — but I guess the whole story with Laura Marling (here’s the recap: Charlie Fink, NATW front man, once dated Marling. Sadly, they broke up and Marling started seeing Mumford and Sons’ Marcus Mumford, so Fink got so broken hearted that he decided to start a whole new album out of this heartbreak) helped peeked my interest in the album as opposed to the whole thing standing on its own.
But when I heard Track 01 – “Life is Life” on Last Night on Earth, the recent album NATW released just this March, I flipped. I did. Not literally, but I might as well have. They have gone on a complete 360 — from the sad and somber The First Days of Spring, this album just leaps out of the dark and talked of the beauty of starting over, hoping, and basically — the beauty of living.
I’m still a bit speechless about this; I feel like my thoughts on the album are just quick blurbs — but the gist is this: I am impressed (and in some weird way, I am also proud of Fink for spreading sunshine in this new album. Haha!). I have only listened to this album for two days, but I can’t help but just burst into happy bubbles and spread the news that this album is a dose of serotonin. It’s a certified pick me upper.
In short, all I really want to say is: GO. LISTEN. NOW.
And here it is, the hard task of choosing a track. I had so many favorites, including their first release, “LIFEGOESON”, but this first track just takes the cake:

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