Tracks of the Week: Florence and the Machine, OAR, Land of the Loops, Lissie, Maroon 5

Hallo, guys! I haven’t been blogging much due to my lack of wi-fi connection for the past two weeks, my sister’s wedding, and (finally) quiting my job. I have failed to give my top tunes for the last two weeks, so here it is, this week’s top tunes!

5. Florence and the Machine – Howl

I started listening to “Lungs” again last week and gotten fond of this track. You just have to love Florence’s voice here. Every time I listen to this song, especially when she’s singing the “You are the moon that breaks the night for which I have to howl” part. I sort of get this feeling you feel when you’re biting into something hard. Ha-ha.
4. OAR – Love and Memories

O.A.R. actuallystands for “Of A Revolution” — they’re an American band better known for their hit, “Shattered”. This song, “Love and Memories” is said to be released back in 2005. I still think this deserves a listen cause it’s got a pretty catchy chorus.

3. Land of the Loops – Fresh Pond Parkway

Apparently, this song doesn’t have a video yet. Land of the Loops is a band from Massachusettes — luckily, they have a MySpace page, so if you want to hear some indie-electronic tunes, here’s the link for their MySpace profile: (*updated)

2. Lissie – When I’m Alone

Lissie is sort of a new discovery, and I’m a bit obsessed with her, ending my obsession with Ellie Goulding (which, coincidentally, ended my obsession with Laura Marling). I got a copy of her album “Catching A Tiger” and I have gone completely mental trying to get every song in my head. I have a couple of favorites already, actually, and it was hard to pick just one for this week’s top tunes.

1. Maroon 5 – Just A Feeling


I am the great loser who missed out on Adam Levine and the gang when they visited last Monday for a concert. It is I who ignored Adam Levine despite his pleading for weeks. Well, okay, he did not plead me, this song did. I love this. I indulge in this song. If it was possible, I’d take the melodies of this song and lather them in my skin, bathe in it, and wear it. And for some reason, there are certain songs from this band that I feel was written for me. I’m not saying they are, I’m just saying I feel that they are. (And yet, I still didn’t go to their concert? WTF IS WRONG WITH ME.)


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