Tracks of the Week: Badly Drawn Boy, Daphne Willis, The Boxer Rebellion, Hugo, King Charles

I have spent 80 or maybe 90% of my time this whole week at home. Yup. Just at home. That means I have gone to absolute movie-TV marathon. That’s why this week’s top tunes are partly from movie soundtracks. So here goes:

5. Badly Drawn Boy – The Time of Times
This song was playing on the end credits of the movie “Definitely, Maybe”. The movie was eh, alright — but this song isn’t. The song is great. 😉
4. Daphne Willis – I will be Waiting
I have been hearing this song for quite a while now on internet radios. I think it’s really cute. A bit reminiscent of the Colbie Caillat genre. 🙂 Willis is actually based in Chicago and this particular track is from her album “Because I Can.”
3. The Boxer Rebellion – Step Out of the Car
I did not know that The Boxer Rebellion was featured in the movie ‘Going the Distance’. If I knew, I would have watched it sooner. This song wasn’t used in the movie, but this is probably the first I’ve heard from them, and I loved them since. 🙂 Plus the front man looks kinda cute, no?
2. Hugo – 99 Problems
Hugo was performing in the movie “No Strings Attached” starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. It sounds very The Black Keys-y. Anyway, the whole movie’s got an awesome soundtrack. I heard Ra Ra Riot’s “Boy” at a party scene, Phoenix’s “Girlfriend” when Natalie Portman was getting out of a car, and The Temper Trap’s “Love Lost” was playing when the characters finally made up. It gets two thumbs up on the soundtrack. 😉
1. King Charles – Love Lust
King Charles was a different case. I did not ‘find’ him singing along to any movies. He was rather included in a playlist Ben and Winston from Mumford and Sons were playing when they were DJ-ing at a local radio station. I fell in love with the song instantly. It’s interesting.

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