Tracks of the Week: Black Lab, Sleigh Bells, The Mostar Diving Club, Jem, Pixie Lott

Actually, this was supposed to be last week’s Top Tunes but I had to do something over the weekend. Heee. Anyway, I’m still picking out songs from soundtracks – basically because that’s what I’ve been doing lately – watching movies. So, here goes, our next list of top tunes:

5. Black Lab – Mine Again

I have raved about this song a few months ago, but I realized that I haven’t talked about it here. This is probably one of my favorite songs this year, and the movie “Waiting for Forever”‘s trailer led me to this beautiful, beautiful track from Black Lab’s album, “Passion Leaves a Trace”.

4. Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill

This song wasn’t from any movie I watched. I just really enjoy listening to Sleigh Bells lately. And I really liked those first lines, “Have a heart/ Have a heart/ Have a heart.”

3. The Mostar Diving Club – Worlds Apart


This song’s very apparent in the movie “Waiting for Forever”. Probably because it sort of reflects the story already. Anyway, I love the melancholy behind this song and alright – the idea behind it. It’s quite a romantic song. 🙂

2. Jem – Forever and A Day


Beastly (2010) isn’t the best movie, but it has one of the greatest soundtracks. I mean, really. I’m probably in love with the movie just because of its music. I mean, apart from this song, that scene where Alex Pettyfer ‘stalked’ Vanessa Hudgens seemed less creepy because they had Death Cab for Cutie crooning on the background. That is just — perfect. And this, this song – is just one of those amazing songs used in the film.

1. Pixie Lott – Broken Arrow


I have this song in my mind for days. I crave to listen to it over and over over; I am probably raping the replay button already. When I first heard it on the credits of Beastly, I thought that was Natasha Bedingfield singing. I mean, you have to agree — Pixie Lott sounds a bit Natasha-ish in this song. I love it anyway, so much so that it’s on loop.




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