Tracks of the Week: Newton Faulkner, The Weepies, Daughter, Gotye feat. Kimbra, Marcus Foster

I am bursting with love for new tracks today. I am, really. I’m actually at the point where I get too excited over the song that I couldn’t tell which of these songs I like better. So, here we go, tunes for this week that you must listen to and fall in love with, so I can rave about it with someone else. Haha.

5. Newton Faulkner – Gone in the Morning
Let’s start the list with a happy tune. Newton Faulkner, baby. I don’t even know how I can explain why I like this song. It tickles me. It just tickles me. It makes me want to dance around barefoot. This is definitely the type of song that I would actually love getting up to, twirling across the room and into the kitchen to make coffee and pancakes. It’s a start-your-day-right kind of song.
4. The Weepies – Same Changes
Alright, so I saw the movie Morning Glory last week. This song, including Newton Faulkner’s tune up there, is included in its awesome soundtrack. Hearing this song in the movie’s scene is perfeccct. The Weepies has always been one of my favorites, and there is always something about their music that is so distinct that it can instantly make you point out that it’s their music playing on the background. This song is pure cuteness and adorableness, and I just can’t get over it yet.
3. Daughter – Landfill
So here’s to the drastic shift – from upbeat and happy to somber and lonely. There’s a particular line in this song that made me stop and listen – it’s those words, “I want you so much/ but I hate your guts/ I hate you”. I thought it was a great contradiction, and let’s face it, such contradictions are very relatable.
2. Gotye feat. Kimbra – Somebody that I Used to Know
This song! Oh my Gosh, this song. I have to thank Ben Lovett for making a playlist in Mumford and Sons’ Youtube channel and for putting this song there, because this – this song! I can not rave about it enough. The sound. The words. The emotion. The emotioooon. Oh my God, my heart wants to burst out of my chest every time I listen to it.
1. Marcus Foster – I was Broken
I made a very good decision at a very late hour the other night (or morning?). I decided to get this man’s album, Nameless Path. See, I have heard of Marcus Foster too many times already. He’s part of these men people call as ‘Britpack’ aka Robert Pattinson’s friends. He’s part of the Communion family. Ben produces his album. But it took me this long to actually go ahead and listen to him. So the other day, I let him be my background music while I fix my papers and then this song – this song played. I never looked at Marcus Foster the same way. He is no longer dismiss-able. He is up there in my Important People to Know More About list.

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