Tracks of the Week: City and Colour, The National, Oh Land, Dr. Dog, Thurston Moore

Here goes, Top Tunes!

5. City and Colour – Fragile Bird
City and Colour has been around my former office’s PC. He’s quite a favorite, but I never really get to listen to him much during those days because I was obsessing over Mumford and Sons. Haha. I got to listen to one of his tracks, though, and decided that yes, he is worth the listen.
4. The National – Conversation 16
Yes, man. It’s about time I put The National in my blog. I can’t believe it took me this long to even mention this band here. I mean, can you just listen to Matt Berninger’s tone? It’s so melancholic but strong and a little angsty, it could very much fit well on a Crazy/Beautiful kind of soundtrack.
3. Oh Land – Sun of a Gun
* It really is spelled as ‘Sun’ not ‘Son’
Let’s get some Danish folks in this list — welcome Oh Land aka the name this beautiful, beautiful girl named Nanna Fabricius chose to call herself. She is so pretty and her voice is not bad, not bad at all. She may fit into the Lykke Li but with a dash of Ellie Goulding category — and I am just a sucker for these kind of vocals and beats.
2. Dr. Dog – Stranger
Here’s a more blues-y rock tune, care of Dr. Dog. It’s that song you might want to sing when you’re at home, clutching on a glass of wine, swaying from side to side. Haha. Yes, you might be a bit drunk on that scene.
1. Thurston Moore – Illuminine
For that late night, relaxing drive back home — no traffic, just post lights and open roads —Illuminine might be the best song to play on such occasion. Thank Thurston Moore, better known as Sonic Youth’s front man, for that.

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