Tracks of the Week: The Rocket Summer, Andy Grammer, Laura Marling, Ximena Sariñana, Charlie Mars

Hey-lo, been while since I’ve posted some tracks to add to your playlists so let’s just get this thing going!

5. The Rocket Summer – Walls
A tune for those who’re feeling a bit lost and confused with their lives (like me). Haha. The Rocket Summer is a solo project of the multi-talented singer/songwriter Bryce Avary. He’s got four albums and several EPs under his belt, one including the #1 album, Of Men and Angels, on iTunes upon its release.
4. Andy Grammer – Miss Me
Andy Grammer first teased my ears with his single “Keep Your Head Up”. It was a perky and quite hopeful take on working hard and surviving those days where you just struggle with money and your career and everything else. I decided to give his album a listen and found a few treasures including “Miss Me” – a terribly sexy tune that showcases the passion, confidence and energy in Andy’s voice. I can’t help but sing along to its chorus and belt it out like I’m a woman trying to get over a boy who never really valued my worth. Not that there’s a similar situation currently, but you know, we all had those days where we feel like we’re being taken for granted. Now this – this is that perfect song to sing for such circumstances. Haha.
3. Laura Marling – Sophia
Laura Marling’s coming out with her third album this month – I’m so stoked even my depression whims are getting excited. As if I never talk enough about Ms. Marling, here is someone who comforts me during sad bed weathers, depression-stricken days, rainy road trips and the like. Aw come on, we all have those days – so why not whine and wallow with good music? Here is a woman who manages to make the sad realities of our lives worth singing along to.
2. Ximena Sariñana – Different
Ximena is a Mexican singer-songwriter. If you’re familiar with the telenovela , Luz Clarita, which was shown here in the Philippines a few years back, then you’ve probably seen Ximena practicing her acting skills as she played that kid villain in that show. Here’s a rather friendlier version of Ximena though – singing a bubbly tune that is, err, telling someone sorry for being quite mean.
1. Charlie Mars – Meet Me by the Backdoor
Charlie Mars, before he was known as the younger dude Marie Louise Parker’s dating, is first and foremost, a musician. If you knew me well, you’d know that I’m a sucker for voices like that of Charlie’s – quite melancholic and often times vulnerable – making it extremely sexy. He’s one of those singers who could make any woman listening to him feel pretty. It’s quite a gift, you know. So, yes, Mary Louise Parker, Billy Crudup might have dumped you for Claire Danes, but you snagged quite a charmer anyway. So I guess that’s what we call karma, cause we all know the Danes-Crudup love fest didn’t last for long.
So there we go. Here’s to hoping that I get more top tunes this month. Excuse me while I keep my life back in order. Haha.

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