Track of the Week: Nina Nesbitt – Stay Out


At just eighteen, Scottish singer Nina Nesbitt‘s got a lot of things to be proud of. At the age were most teenagers tend to be slackers, the girl was able to write her own songs and made five EPs in two years: Live Take (2012), The Apple Tree (2012), Boy (2012), Stay Out (2013) and the newly-released Way in the World. If that’s not enough, she also embarked on tours with Ed Sheeran and Example, before doing her first headlining tour in late 2012. Very much of an overachiever, she also appeared in Sheeran’s music video for “Drunk“. She was eventually touted as the ‘girl version of Ed Sheeran’, and it might be because of the time she spent with the Brit singer that influenced a couple of her tracks, most notably on “No Interest” taken from Stay Out EP. In her latest effort, the song “Spiders” gave off a certain Taylor Swift feel – making Nina a clear fit on the singer-songwriter lane.

Unlike most young singers who tend to sound sweet or and naive, Nina has a bit more raunchiness in her voice, which adds color to her songs’ tales. Give a quick listen to her song “Stay Out” – a youthful track made out to be the soundtrack of a teenager’s life, and her biggest hit to date.

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