Track of the Week: Ry Cuming feat. Sara Bareilles – ‘Always Remember Me’


Ry Cuming is a new name for me – he’s an Australian indie singer songwriter who sometimes goes by the name of RY X. Good thing he had Grammy nominated artist Sara Bareilles on his side to help out on his track “Always Remember Me” – not that Ry needed the help – but Sara’s vocals in the track certainly made the song even more beautiful than it was. Fairly short and uncomplicated (it basically has two stanzas and the chorus just repeats itself, no bridge), the track features Cuming’s guitar playing skills.

“Always Remember Me” is a sweet tune perfect for those dry and blah moments on the road. It’s serene, without putting you to sleep, and provides you with great imagery.

Artsy lyric today features a photo taken here, edited with text by yours truly.

Aviary Photo_130377285824479562

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