Track of the Week: Hooverphonic – ‘Amalfi’


I have to say, it’s a bit refreshing to have a girl on vocals for this week’s Track of the Week: Belgium’s Hooverphonic, a band that’s been around for almost a decade now. Beats me why it’s the first time that I’ve heard of them when the internet has been introducing me to plenty of fantastic artists for the last decade.

Anywaaay, not to waste any more minute from listening to these guys’ music, Hooverphonic’s track, “Amalfi”, is taken from their most recent album, Reflection. “Amalfi” is a catchy track (we can blame the “Na na na na na na na na na oh” parts) with an equally beautiful music video that screams WANDERLUST. Noemie Wollfs’ voice reminds me of Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry, and puts artists like Grimes in mind.

This week’s art lyric (and incidentally one of the lines that stuck):

Aviary Photo_130371112259911132

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