Track of the Week: Amber Run – Spark

1658180_670252426345262_2520013906034572541_oI have fallen in love with this track a little too quickly – basically, when the singer opened his mouth to sing, “First comes the spark –” I’ve already had about ten million images in my head. And that’s the good thing about this track “Spark” – it poses as a great soundtrack. From the very first line to the tender “I’m gonna love you/ I’m gonna love you now” to the more powerful “Let the light in/ Let the light in” – it just seems to fit moments perfectly.

It’s almost reminiscent of my forever fave “Take Over the World” by The Courteeners aka the first song I ever imagined using for my (still non-existent) wedding. Maybe it’s the British rock twang? Listen to the song and maybe you can weigh in as well:

For more of Amber Run, visit:

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